5 Surprising Causes of Red Blotches on Skin


This is a site dedicated to help you understand how to prevent red blotches on skin and the causes of these terrible circumstances. Red blotches can appear anywhere on your body. The first cause of red blotches on skin can be caused due to lack of hygiene. Hygiene is important because if you do not maintain a certain standard of hygiene it can lead to having all kinds of infections. Bacteria is most likely to attack bodies which are not clean as every day we are exposed to all kinds of bacteria’s and viruses. For example, not changing your clothes for a few days or not having a shower for weeks can cause red blotches to appear on your skin.

The second cause of red blotches on skin could be a result of an allergic reaction to a certain beauty product that you may be using. Before using any beauty product, you must test it. You can test it by applying a small quantity on your wrist just to ensure that it does not cause an allergic reaction. If you have an allergic reaction to the beauty product, do stop using it. This is the most common cause for red blotches on skin. It could also be caused by an allergic reaction to a certain type of food. Red blotches on skin that itch are common. If it starts to itch, try your best not to scratch it as you will make it worse and also may lead to it being spread to other parts of your body.

Other than that, another leading cause could be the weather conditions. Dry weather can cause the skin to lose moisture which in the end will lead to red blotches on the skin. Red blotches on skin after tanning is very common among people who love sun bathing. Applying moisturizes such as lotion is a very good practice especially for people who live in humid places and also sunscreen is very useful especially for people who love tanning.

Diseases which cause Red Blotches on Skin

Scleroderma can be a pain for some and also can be life-threatening and it can also cause the blood vessels to enlarge. The effect of the enlargement of the blood vessels will be seen as red blotches on the hands or face. It is a disease related to the immune system. Without proper medical advice, it can lead to discoloration of the skin and even thickening of the skin.

Other than that, psoriasis is another disease which can cause red blotches on skin. It is a disease which has no cure but has treatment to help reduce the symptoms. Some of the symptoms can include red patches, dry skin which can bleed and also sore joints. Psoriasis is a development on the skin surface of cells. People with HIV are usually at higher risk of having this disease. This disease can be developed especially for people who are obese and even people who smoke. Try your best to relax as red blotches on skin when stressed can also cause psoriasis.